Pump Industry magazine has received its first circulation audit certificate and been accepted as a full member of the Circulations Audit Board.

The CAB says that “By committing to an audit, you are demonstrating your title’s undoubted integrity through your willingness to conform to industry agreed standards.” The audit covers the first two editions of the magazine, and every edition of Pump Industry will be audited by the CAB

The CAB is an independent body that has operated for 58 years, verifying circulation information of various media.

The CAB strongly recommends that companies only advertise with audited media to ensure that they do not fall victim to dishonest operators or scams.

Pump Industry publisher Chris Bland has long been a strong advocate of auditing circulation and has previously campaigned for magazines to be audited in his role as a board member of Publishers Australia, the industry body for magazine publishers.

The audit confirmed that the average distribution of the first two issues of Pump Industry magazine was 2,601. Since then, a large influx of new subscribers has continued to grow the circulation of the magazine and the new numbers will feature in future audits.


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