The PIA will be holding a forum to discuss the development of a new pump installation and commissioning training program on 23 June 2015 from 1.00 pm to 5.00 pm.

As many members will be aware, PIA has been working on the development of a training program to assist the up-skilling of personnel who undertake pump installation & commissioning work on site to ensure that pumps are put into operation with all the necessary safeguards that will ensure long term reliability in the field.

Under guidance from Alan Rowan and Ken Kugler, the program has been prepared to look at both electric driven and engine driven pumpsets up to 250 kW and also examine AS 2941 with respect to specific requirements for such activities. It will consist of both Theoretical and Practical sessions, once it is finalised.

The Paterson Room at the Hotel Bruce County, 445 Blackburn Rd, Mt Waverley, VIC, 3149. (Mel 70 H6).

The program for this meeting will include:

a) PowerPoint presentation of draft “Theoretical” PIA training program

b) Outline of course notes which will support the training program

c) Discussion of content and feedback from participants

d) Discussion on accreditation possibilities

e) Discussion of practical training opportunities at PIA member premises (e.g. mounting & alignment procedures, etc.); record keeping of all data during installation & commissioning; corrective actions.

This forum will be free of charge and is open to PIA members only. We are particularly seeking participation from Service Managers and experienced site personnel who can make a positive contribution to the refinement of this program.

We can only accept 40 applicants for this forum and this means we have to place a limit of no more that 2 from any member.

Applications should be made to Kevin Wilson, who will confirm who has been accepted for participation.

This is an excellent opportunity for practical input into the development of our course, which we hope to launch at the end of 2015.

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