Water overflowing over the Jones Road causeway

Griffith City Council is working with residents located near Lake Wyangan South to protect homes in anticipation of further wet weather, including installation of a large pump to move water from Lake Wyangan South into the Tharbogang Wetlands. 

The Lake Wyangan Catchment is at capacity due to continuous rainfall in the catchment area and water is currently over the Jones Road causeway with the North and South Lake now merged. Water is continuing to drain into the system.

The Tharbogang Wetlands pumping proposal will endeavour to make houses safe from flooding and provide increased accessibility.

Griffith Council will pump water out of the lake system so that the Jones Road causeway can be reopened, to prevent dwellings from flooding and clear flood waters from any homes already affected by flood water. 

Lake Wyangan and Tharbogang Wetlands are in a terminal catchment which means neither can flow downstream.

Griffith Mayor, Doug Curran, is asking for community cooperation while this work is carried out. 

“The two lakes are now at capacity so we have to take these steps to protect homes.

“We are talking about a really large pump, which means it will be a noisy exercise, so we do anticipate that those nearby will hear it.

“I just ask that everyone tries to understand that these are exceptional circumstances,” Mr Curran said.

Councillors were briefed about the plan on 15 November at the Workshop and advised that this would be the best preventative action. It is anticipated that the pump will be in place and running early next week.

“I’d like to thank the landholders for their cooperation in helping us implement this action and other residents in advance for their understanding,” Mr Curran said.

Council is also proposing to submit a funding application to review the Lake Wyangan Flood Study (2012) and Lake Wyangan Floodplain Risk Management Study and Plan (2013).

Featured image: Water overflowing over the Jones Road causeway. Image: Griffith City Council. 

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