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Population growth, climate change, water scarcity, floods and drought – all signs point to the need for Australia to develop and maintain robust, effective water and wastewater networks across the country.

The need for future planning, coupled with necessary upgrades of existing systems, have seen Federal and State Governments pumping an abundance of funding into projects to accomplish these goals.

The states and territories are all focused on achieving their own water and wastewater goals and here we take a quick look at what’s happening around the country.


Water and sewer network upgrades to deliver safe and reliable services for current and future customers across the Mornington Peninsula are well underway, with the project’s expected completion in November 2024.

South Australia

The remote community of Pipalyatjara received a new sewer pump station to help support the increased demand from more local housing and to boost environmental performance.

Western Australia

New wastewater infrastructure at Glenfield Beach, including a new wastewater pump station, is helping deliver about 1000 new homes in the area. In addition to the new pump station, the $7.5 million project included the construction of a 2.2km pipeline to safely convey wastewater to a nearby treatment plant.

Northern Territory

The contract for the Manton Dam Return to Service project, which includes a new 20ML per day pumping station, was awarded to a Northern Territory company. This project forms part of the first stage of the Darwin Region Water Supply Program. Construction on is set to commence in late 2024.


Coming in at one of the biggest spending announcements of recent months, Unitywater signed contracts for the delivery of $1.8 billion of capital investment works, designed to provide reliable water services to one of the fastest growing regions in South East Queensland.

The project deliveries are set to occur over the next five years and will include upgrades to a series of wastewater pump stations in the northern catchment.

New South Wales

Joint funding from the New South Wales Government and local councils will see three projects underway in the Snowy Valleys region, including water treatment facility upgrades. These projects form part of an options study and concept design looking at ways to secure Tumbarumba’s water supply.

The joint funding has brought the projects one step closer towards being tender-ready.

Australian Capital Territory

Although not a project, the Australian Capital Territory Government’s recent announcement that it has opened consultation for the ten-year review of the ACT Water Strategy 2014-2044: Striking the Balance is a key step in improving water security and waterway health. It is hoped that the community consultation will enable the Australian Capital Territory Government to refresh the strategy.

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