There are a number of instruments which are essential to maintaining a close check on the performance and condition of a pump. A compound pressure gauge should be connected to the suction of the pump and a pressure gauge should be connected to its discharge at the pressure taps which may be provided in the suction and discharge flanges. The gauges should be mounted in a convenient location so that they can be easily observed.

In addition, it is advisable to provide a flow metering device. Depending upon the importance of the installation, indicating meters may be supplemented by recording attachments.

Whenever pumps incorporate various leak-off arrangements, such as a balancing device or pressure-reducing labyrinths, a check should be maintained on the quantity of these leak-offs by measuring orifices and differential gauges installed in the leak-off lines.

Pumps operating in important or complex services, or operating completely unattended by remote control, may have additional instrumentation such as speed indicators, vibration monitors, and bearing or casing temperature indicators.

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