Grampians Wimmera Mallee Water (GWMWater) has elevated the status of blue-green algae levels at the Pental Island pump station from green to the red zone and initiated reverse pumping within the system.

GWMWater has commenced reverse pumping from storages at Culgoa, Berriwillock and Quambatook to maintain a supply of water to rural properties that is of better quality than water in the Murray River around the Pental Island offtake.

GWMWater said it is confident it can supply water to all customers under reverse pumping from Berriwillock and Culgoa from the experience gained when it had to initiate reverse pumping in early March 2016.

Since March, GWMWater’s capability to backfeed into the Pental Island system has been enhanced by a connection to Quambatook that is supplied from the Normanville system.

In the unlikely event that supply is interrupted under the reverse pumping, water carting arrangements are also in place.

This carted water can be used for domestic and internal farm uses, it is not however a drinking supply.

Town supplies will be unaffected as water available in town storages will meet urban demands without restrictions, but customers are being reminded that the water supplied via reverse pumping is not fit for human consumption.

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