Gosford City Council (NSW) has recently awarded a contract for the refurbishment of sewage pump station ER2 as part of its extensive sewage pump station upgrade program.  The upgrade program aims to protect public health and the environment by improving the reliability, capacity and performance of the region’s sewerage system. Upgrading SPS ER2, located at the corner of Lingi Street and Winani Road, Erina is considered critical.

Lately, the reliability of the station has reduced significantly and maintenance of the pumps and other equipment has been required more frequently. The station pumps, pipe work, electrical switch gear assembly and other equipment have deteriorated significantly and require replacement in order to avoid failure. Complete failure of the station will increase the risk of dry weather sewage overflows into sensitive waterways. Under the conditions of the operating licence for the council, no dry weather sewage overflows are permitted and any breach of this requirement will attract substantial penalties.

The council has selected Carey Constructions, who has previously completed a number of similar works in the area, as the preferred supplier.

The total estimated contract price is $1,100,000 and the contract period is 20 weeks with work scheduled to commence in September 2014.

The major components of works in this contract include but not limited to:

• Replacement of existing two submersible pumps in the wet well.

• Replacement of all pipe work, valves in the wet well and valve pit.

• Replacement of existing Switch Control gear Assembly (SCA).

• Construction of a new building to house SCA and new computer flooring.

• Construction of a new 1.8m diameter Collecting MH.

• Provision of protective coating to the internal surface of the Collecting MH and wet well.

• Establishment and maintenance of bypass of the station.

• All other works such as traffic control, WHS management, dewatering, all weather site access driveways and site restoration on completion of the works.

• Testing and commissioning of the station.

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