Grampians Wimmera Mallee Water (GWMWater) switched off pumps at Victoria’s Pental Island pump station for five days, following an outbreak of blue-green algae entering the system.

GWMWater implemented a reverse pumping exercise during this period which allowed water from around Berriwillock and Culgoa to reach areas where supply had been interrupted.

When the Pental Island pumps were turned back on and reverse pumping ceased, most affected properties were receiving a supply through the pipeline. Where water had not reached properties carted water was made available on request.

The pumps at Pental Island, Nyah and Piangil currently remain open, but if the algae levels increase to above the trigger point at these stations, GWMWater will shut down its offtakes at those supply points on the Murray River as they are impacted.

The blue-green algae continues to advance toward GWMWater’s off-takes on the Murray River and further impacts on our system are expected any time over the coming weeks.

GWMWater is continuing to focus on minimising the impact of the blue-green algae bloom in the Murray River on its customers in rural areas and in towns.

To assist in preserving the water supplies in Berriwillock, Chinkapook, Chillingollah, Culgoa, Lalbert, Manangatang, Nullawil, Sea Lake, Ultima and Waitchie, stage four water restrictions have been implemented.

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