Global Pumps has finalised the acquisition of pumps and fluid handling equipment importer and manufacturer, EFS (Environmental Fluid Systems) Group, effective as of November 1.

Global Pumps (formerly All Pumps Supplies) is based in Adelaide was founded in 1977 and supplies a range of pumping equipment to diverse industries. In the late 1980s, Global Pumps established an Environmental Division in response to a growing awareness of health and environmental issues. This has overseen the development of a range of water and wastewater treatment packages and pollution control systems including packaged pumping stations, potable water treatment packages, oil-water separators, trade waste treatment plants, stormwater diversion equipment and chemical dosing systems.

EFS is based in Warnambool, Victoria and provides a range of fluid and chemical handling solutions. Commenting on the sale, EFS General Manager Ben Ohlmeyer said “This is a win–win situation for EFS clients, giving the best of both worlds; continued local support and representation from those who have served you well over the past decade as well as direct access to the head office of the manufacturer, importer and distributor of a vast range of pumps for manufacturing and process industry.”

Mr Ohlmeyer went on to say, “Global Pumps has 35 years’ experience in the industrial pump and wastewater market, specialising in offering close support to clients around Australia where arduous or difficult pumping and treatment applications pose a particular challenge.

“This very positive development will enable EFS to focus on national distribution of the Triple 7 environmental chemistries and the purasolve work safe solvent alternatives, and we will continue to deal with many existing clients in this quickly developing industry.”



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