Continuing our coverage of the Australian pump industry, in this issue we take a look back at the publication that first provided Australian pumpers with their regular fix of the best in local and international pump news.

By delving into the past, we appear to have struck gold. We thought we were the first pump magazine to start from humble beginnings in Victoria, but it turns out our path had actually been trod 50 years earlier.

The Australian Pump Journal was the brainchild of Commercial Editor, Robert ‘Bob’ Pullen and Technical Editor, F. Muscroft. Their idea was to bring the industry a useful, relevant and helpful mix of news, information and technical breakthroughs – exactly the same kind of information we seek to provide our readers with today.

Thanks to the very kind founders of The Australian Pump Journal, we are able to share snapshots of their work with you in our latest issue.

It’s clear from the very first issue that the magazine was a medium for the exchange of ideas, information on technical and commercial capabilities, and overall promotion of the Australian pumping industry internationally.

When Bob Pullen first sent these magazines our way we were thrilled to be able to take a walk down memory lane. We hope you too enjoy the chance to delve further into the history of the Australian pumping industry.


“Let’s face it. Looking at our curves the right way will help you more than those in the picture above. The Australian Pump Journal is offering to this month’s readers a friction loss graph wall chart in colour which will do more than just beautify the office wall.” The Australian Pump Journal Vol. 1 No. 3


The potential export market open to the Australian Pump Industry was particularly promising during the late 1960s. Countries such as Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan and the Philippines had solid markets for pumps and mining purposes.

Time has passed, things have changed, yet some things remain the same

It’s almost 50 years since the first publication of The Australian Pump Journal, and after reading through the topics of discussion between the magazine’s’ pages, it has become surprisingly clear that despite the years that have passed, the issues, innovations, challenges and potential within the pump industry have long-since remained the same.

The water conversation

Just like today’s interest in water efficiency, modernisation of irrigation networks and investing in a sustainable water future, water management amidst Australia’s challenging climate was also a hot topic in 1968.

“Floods following on the heels of a drought is a cruel trick of Mother Nature and shows man’s apparent inability to control these natural forces for his own use. Therefore we must continue to spread progress in the water reticulation and pumping fields to find a possible solution to sooth Australia’s parched throat.

How many years will it take to achieve an adequate water supply, a balance of supply and demand, let alone an excess of supply to meet any future emergency situation? And where will the money come from to make this dream a reality?”- The Australian Pump Journal Vol. 1 No. 2

The drive for progress and development of new technologies to combat challenges of supply and demand, whilst searching for cheaper, more reliable alternatives are remarkably similar to our current day aims.

Reuse of wastewater was also beginning to make waves within the pumping industry of the late 1960s.

“To consider the reuse of wastewater we must look at the uses and the qualities required. Then we must devise treatment for the particular wastewater to bring it to the standard required.”- The Australian Pump Journal Vol. 1 No. 5


Mono Pumps Australia congratulates The Australian Pump Journal for its service to the Pump Industry.

“The journal is more than just a magazine, it has in-depth topics such as theoretical impeller design and a review of the Snowy Mountains Authority. For readers who use pumping equipment in their everyday life, the journal will provide technical information to assist in solving pumping problems.” – The Australian Pump Journal Vol. 1 No. 1.


The Kelly and Lewis story

Kelly & Lewis has an extremely long and proud history in the Australian pump industry, which
has been documented in this magazine – but was first documented in The Australian Pump Journal.

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