Pumps are proving integral in the cleanup of a recent factory fire in Melbourne’s western suburb of Footscray, which led to toxic water runoff into nearby Stony Creek.

A significant amount of runoff from the site caused discolouration, contamination and odour of the water in the creek.

Melbourne Water operational staff were on-site at Stony Creek since the fire occurred Thursday 30 August 2018. Pumps have also been in operation at the site, running day and night.

As of Friday 31 August 2018, Melbourne Water had removed approximately 30 million litres of affected water from the creek.

Water was expected to continue to be taken from the creek over the weekend.

Pumps were installed at three sites along Stony Creek, Cruickshank Park in West Footscray, further downstream near Francis Street and a third site on Stony Creek just before it runs under Williamstown Road.

Melbourne Water also installed a number of booms to capture as much debris, oil and foam as possible.

Melbourne Water worked in partnership with the relevant authorities, including the EPA and MFB to manage the impacts from the fire.

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