When Australian Pump Industries was appointed as exclusive distributor for Tsurumi Pumps, their first job was to build up stock within the territory. Improving availability is just as fundamental as sensible pricing.

Neil Bennett of Aussie Pumps.

Neil Bennett of Aussie Pumps.

The company invested heavily but even now, four years later, Australian Pump Industries (also known as Aussie Pumps) has trouble keeping up with the surge.

“One of the issues we face is the complexity of the product range and the wide scope of applications forTsurumi products,” said Australian Pumps’ Product Manager Neil Bennett.

“Just when we think we’ve got a market covered, we find that the accelerating demand wipes us out of stock.”

Lead times for Tsurumi’s factories are typical of any well ­organised Japanese manufacturing operation. Three to four months is not unusual, with the company carefully planning its production to make sure that both quality and economies of scale are observed.

“We’ve air­freighted big LH pumps for mining applications. We understand that this is just another investment that has to be made in building Tsurumi’s market share in Australia,” Mr Bennett said.

Australian Pumps buys its single phase Tsurumi pumps in 40ft high cube containers. That equates to around 1,400 pumps per shipment, across a range of top quality Tsurumi equipment for septic tanks, dewatering, drainage and residue pumping.

Dewatering pumps

Tsurumi’s range of dewatering pumps is possibly the biggest in the world.

The products include the three­phase heavy duty cast iron KTZ series, some models of which now come with automatic level control electrodes fitted as standard equipment.

There are 22 KTZ series dewatering pumps in the product range, from 1.5kW all the way through to 11kW. Their performance makes them suitable for virtually any dewatering, tunnelling or drainage well application.

Tsurumi’s KTZ range is the world’s most widely used dewatering pump, and is now available as part of Tsurumi’s unprecedented Pump Bank.

Tsurumi’s KTZ range is the world’s most widely used dewatering pump, and is now available as part of Tsurumi’s unprecedented Pump Bank.

4 pole super heavy duty

Tsurumi’s 4 pole KRS series of high flow pumps extend from 3 inch submersibles up to 8 inch pumps with flows of up to 12,000 litres per minute. All feature Tsurumi’s anti­-wicking cable entry, thermal motor protector and double silicone mechanical seal in oil chamber.

Tsurumi NKZ series, heavy duty sand pumps, and GPN pumps, extreme duty sand pumps, add another two ranges of product. The GSZ series, 4 and 6 pole motor driven pumps, are designed for draining sand laden water, slurry in cement plants, quarries or mines or heavy duty wastewater treatment plant applications.

“You can understand the dilemma. With such a huge product range, despite a willingness to invest, we still aren’t covering all the market,” said Mr Bennett.

“Sewage pumps, cutter pumps, grinders and the huge range of Tsurumi aerators and water treatment equipment make it even more complex.

“Yes, we are following the 80/20 rule, but frankly, the rule keeps changing as the market learns more about Tsurumi and we learn more about the market.”

Pump Bank to the rescue

Tsurumi’s GPN series are serious 4 pole extreme duty sand pumps with hi chrome wearing parts.

Tsurumi’s GPN series are serious 4 pole extreme duty sand pumps with hi chrome wearing parts.

Australian Pumps has established master distributors around the country with excellent stocks of fast moving Tsurumi models, suitable for immediate shipment.

“Spreading product around the country has certainly alleviated the load,” said Mr Bennett. “But we still needed more help.”

Understanding the challenge of having to carry such a huge product range while the market is being built, Tsurumi elected to take the unprecedented and unorthodox step of backing up Australian Pumps with a Japanese­- based and organised “Pump Bank”.

The Pump Bank carries thousands of pumps, including up to 2,000 or more KTZ series dewatering pumps, huge sand and slurry pumps and even 8 inch 110kW dewatering pumps.

Wastewater pumps are also covered with up to 1,000 B series channel impeller pumps, and hundreds of Tsurumi’s hugely successful cutter pump range.

Australian Pump feels that the pressure is still on to carry big stocks locally. Sea­freighting from Japan takes up to four weeks so the Pump Bank acts as a kind of buffer stock.

Australian Pumps works on a long lead time, forward order program, but can draw on the Pump Bank for top up stocks where needed.

“The Pump Bank started six months ago and has saved our bacon on a number of occasions,” said Mr Bennett.

Tsurumi B series sewage pumps are installed worldwide.

Tsurumi B series sewage pumps are installed worldwide.

“One of the downsides is that it is ‘first come first served’ so what’s in stock today may not necessarily be there in one or two days’ time.”

Tsurumi’s Pump Bank isn’t just available to Australian Pump Industries. It’s become a hugely successful investment in providing distributors around the world with a unique advantage.

“Working with Tsurumi is a great privilege,” said Mr Bennett. “They’ve made the evolution from manufacturer to international submersible pump leader,” he said.

The attitude of being prepared to invest to support the market is symbolic of Tsurumi’s commitment to its customers throughout the world. In the South Pacific, Australian Pump has made huge inroads into a wide range of markets by pushing Tsurumi’s quality, performance and value for money.

The big challenge has been availability. With Tsurumi’s Pump Bank, the way forward is clear.

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