Jemena has announced plans to increase the capacity of the Queensland Gas Pipeline (QGP) and is finalising project plans to expand the pipeline by installing a 35 km loop near the Rolleston Compressor Station.

“We are expanding the Queensland Gas Pipeline to meet growth in demand from new and existing customers,” says Dave Green, Jemena’s General Manager, Pipelines Commercial & Business Development.

“We’re aiming to start construction of the almost $40 million looping project by June of this year and aim to complete the project by the end of the year.

“As is Jemena’s standard practice, we are engaging with and consulting with key stakeholders prior to the start of the project. We will also carry out topographic and environmental surveys and have all of these in place before construction gets underway by mid-year,” he adds.

This is the second major project to expand the QGP in less than five years.
In 2010, in response to the economic and industrial growth in the Gladstone region, Jemena invested more than $100 million in doubling the QGP’s capacity to 52 PJ/annum via 113 km of looping and the installation of two midline compressors – one at Banana and one at Rolleston.

Built in 1989, the QGP links the Wallumbilla gas hub in south central Queensland to large industrial gas users in Gladstone and Rockhampton.

This transmission pipeline supplies natural gas to commercial and industrial customers such as Queensland Alumina, Rio Tinto, Orica, Boyne Smelter and Queensland Magnesia. It also supplies natural gas to the retail distribution networks of Gladstone, Rockhampton and Wide Bay.

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