The Queensland state budget, released in June, 2013 includes provision for a number of local council pump infrastructure projects.

The budget for the Department of Local Government includes major capital funding for the primarily relates to the capital works undertaken under the Indigenous State Infrastructure Program (ISIP). The program provides funding for water supply, sewerage, drainage, solid waste, town roads and serviced land in Queensland’s Indigenous councils.

These capital works projects improve the environmental health conditions for the people living in the major communities in these Indigenous council areas by providing safe and secure drinking water, safe sewerage systems, safe solid waste disposal arrangements, reductions in vector environments (such as mosquitoes) and dust reduction through sealed roads.

The total estimated capital expenditure program for ISIP is $62.2 million.

The capital expenditure budget for 2012-13 is approximately $11 million and includes the following major infrastructure projects:

  • Doomadgee Shire Council area for construction of a new 24 lot subdivision and a new two mega litre concrete water reservoir
  • Aurukun Shire Council area for water supply and reticulation replacement, sewage pump station upgrades, water storage and landfill upgrades, 17 serviced allotments, and fencing and landscaping at sewerage treatment plant and landfill
  • Kowanyama Shire Council area for a new water bore, a new 16 lot subdivision, and upgrades to sewage and water bore pump station, water and sewerage reticulation system upgrades, as well as earthworks and road upgrades.

The capital expenditure budget for 2013-14 is approximately $22.3 million and includes the following major infrastructure projects:

  • Mornington Island Shire Council area for upgrades to Dithery Creek Dam, the water treatment plant and sewage pump stations, and replacement of water reticulation systems
  • Yarrabah Shire Council area for water reticulation upgrades and sewage pump station and reticulation upgrades and emergent sewerage overflow
  • Doomadgee Shire Council for replacement of water reticulation and connections to subdivisions as well as upgrades to water infrastructure.

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