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Unitywater has announced a major project aimed at enhancing future water security for customers in Pine Valley, Upper Caboolture, Morayfield and Narangba.

The project includes a new 15 million litre drinking water reservoir and 8km of water pipelines.

Unitywater’s Executive Manager Sustainable Infrastructure Solutions, Mike Basterfield, said that the reservoir and pipeline is part of the utility’s $1.8 billion investment in essential water and wastewater infrastructure over the next five years.  

“Reliable water services are central to healthy and thriving communities, protecting public health, enabling modern lifestyles and underpinning economic growth.

“Over the next two decades, these areas are projected to be home for more than 100,000 people, so we must make sure there is water infrastructure in place to support them.”

To be constructed from post tensioned concrete walls and aluminium roof sheeting, the new Pine Valley water reservoir will be approximately 12m high, with an internal diameter of 44m.

Mr Basterfield said that the new connecting underground pipework would primarily be positioned within existing infrastructure corridors and road verges. 

“Running an average of two and half metres below ground level, the pipeline will be fully welded polyethylene, which is selected for its strength and ability to reach a useful life of around 100 years.

“Our engineers are currently in detailed design and we expect early works to begin at the reservoir site in coming months, ahead of full construction activities commencing in 2025.

“We will work with residents along the pipeline route and near the reservoir site to plan construction in ways that minimise any day-to-day impacts.”

A 560mm inlet pipe will start at Elm Street in Morayfield and travel until it intersects with an existing power line easement and continues to the reservoir at Jacko Place.

The outlet pipe is planned to be 800 or 900mm in diameter and travel north from the Jacko Place reservoir site through an existing powerline easement, connecting to the existing network at Nairn Street.

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