Regal Beloit Australia is proud to announce the introduction of the UNICO 1200 Series 1000V variable frequency drive.  This exciting addition to the 1200 Series is now available from 7.5kW to 600kW in IP00 and IP66.

The development for this product has been driven by the need for a dedicated 1000V mining drive capable of withstanding harsh environments typically associated with remote mine sites in Australia.
Regal Australia is confident the introduction of the specific IP66, 1000V drive will be of significant benefit to users in remote locations.

Being IP66, the drive is suitable to be mounted wherever the application may be without the need for additional enclosures, ventilation systems or control rooms. Its unique design allows for natural cooling, even in an ambient temperature of 50°C. As the drive is capable of accepting a supply voltage of up to 1150VAC, it can significantly reduce the size of the supply and motor cables required, further reducing overall project costs.

The ability to offer a 1000 volt packaged solution consisting of an IP66 VVVF drive, PPA mining series motor as well as submersible screened cable places Regal Australia as a unique point of difference in one of the most demanding markets.

For further information on any of our products, please contact your nearest Regal Australia office on 1300 888 853.

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