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A new report by the Energy Efficiency Council (EEC) and the Australian Alliance for Energy Productivity (A2EP) has found that the use of heat pumps could reduce Australian energy emissions by 747 million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (MtCO2e) by 2050 – the first estimate of energy and emissions savings that could be delivered in the country through rapid adoption of this technology.

In the combined report, Harnessing heat pumps for net zero: The role of heat pumps in saving energy and cutting emissions, EEC and A2EP estimate the energy and emissions savings that could be delivered in Australia through rapid adoption of heat pump technology.

The report finds the combined emissions reduction potential of heat pumps in buildings and industry over the next three decades is 747MtCO2e, or about one and a half years of Australia’s total current emissions.

Some types of heat pumps are common in Australia; such as fridges and reverse cycle air conditioners. But across the globe, efforts to decarbonise buildings and industry are seeing this trusty technology deployed for a much wider range of applications, from domestic hot water to industrial heating processes.

Off the back of this research, the EEC and A2EP are calling on governments to take a range of actions to accelerate heat pump adoption, including:

  • Supporting vulnerable households to cut their energy bills by switching to high efficiency heat pumps
  • Funding a major new ARENA program to pilot and demonstrate heat pump retrofit projects in manufacturers, food processors and large commercial buildings

Energy Efficiency Council CEO, Luke Menzel, said, “Because they are super-efficient and can be powered directly by renewable electricity, heat pumps are being embraced right around the world. They are the perfect partner for Australia’s plentiful renewable energy resources – we have ground to make up, but we can realise their full potential if we act now.”

Australian Alliance for Energy Productivity CEO, Jarrod Leak, said, “Industry now has a clear signal to decarbonise its emissions. Heat pumps can make a significant contribution to this enormous task, particularly with further efforts in research and development.”

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