AIRAH (the Australian Institute of Refrigeration, Airconditioning and Heating) has released a revised and updated version of its DA13 Fans application manual, a publication that provides a complete overview of fan usage in HVAC&R.

First published in 1987, the 2013 updated version includes new fan motor designs, new control strategies, mandatory energy performance standards, and new or revised energy-efficiency requirements for fan applications in the BCA.

AIRAH CEO Phil Wilkinson, M.AIRAH, says that fans are in integral part of HVAC, and that it simply makes sense to have fans running optimally.

“Fans, in their varied form and applications, are a critical and integral part of our sector,” Wilkinson says. “Fans are everywhere: supply and exhaust systems, air-handling units, air conditioners, cooling towers, VAV boxes – the list goes on.

“DA13 is the most comprehensive technical resource available for Australian HVAC&R fan applications. It is a must-read reference for anyone involved in the design, selection, installation, operation, maintenance and assessment of fans and fan systems.”

DA13 editor Vince Aherne, M.AIRAH, says the revised DA13 Fans application manual covers up-to-date best practice, such as promoting speed control over other forms of control, and understanding the importance of monitoring and maintenance in achieving efficiency.

“With the International Energy Agency estimating that fans consume between 18–20 per cent of all electricity generated worldwide, the correct selection and application of fans can have a substantial impact on overall system efficiency and operating cost,” Aherne says.

DA13 begins with first principles and examines the fundamentals of fan classification and performance. The manual addresses the issues around implementing fans in air-distribution systems – including system design and optimisation, fan selection and specification, system installation and commissioning – then continues through to handover, operation, and maintenance of fans.

The DA manual is supplemented by additional detailed data on a range of fan topics, including fan testing and troubleshooting, as well as issues to consider when using variable- frequency drives to control the speed and operation of fan systems.

The manual was revised by a special panel, and then reviewed by industry members before publication.

The 2013 edition of DA13 Fans is available from AIRAH’s online store, at

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