NOV Mono has announced the launch of a major new technology which is set to revolutionize the wastewater industry. The InviziQ™ Pressure Sewer System (PSS) delivers enhanced performance, increased reliability and greater durability than conventional alternatives, and allows sewerage systems to be implemented in areas where they were not previously practical.

The innovative InviziQ system does not need gravity to operate, and it offers controlled removal of waste water in a far more efficient footprint than conventional sewerage systems. This allows customers to create waste water systems in more areas than ever before, providing unlimited sewering possibilities in areas which have previously proved challenging – from rocky terrain to coastal areas and everything in between.

This highly-engineered InviziQ system features an advanced Dry Well design that makes it unique in the PSS market. Unlike conventional alternatives that place the motor inside the wet area of the tank amid the raw sewerage, the InviziQ motor is located in a ‘dry’ compartment at the top of the system. This dry, compartmentalized design greatly simplifies maintenance operations and removes the need for entry into a confined space. Along with other safeguards it also minimizes the risk of anyone falling into an exposed unit.

David West, Sales and Marketing Director at NOV Mono, states: “Mono’s experienced development team in Australia has created a truly advanced alternative for the PSS market. Its feature-rich design and holistic approach to engineering and performance means that the InviziQ represents a genuine step change for the industry. With its telemetry ready enhanced controller, InviziQ sets an entirely new standard for PSS technology.

“One feature that really delivers on durability is the system’s cutting-edge, Mono Sense solid-state level sensor. This provides far greater reliability than traditional mechanical float/air level alternatives, which are subject to failure due to exposure to raw sewerage. Mono Sense has no moving parts and is designed to provide trouble-free performance for the life of the unit.”

When it comes to telemetry and network monitoring, the PCB-based design of the InviziQ offers adaptable software which can be used to program upgrades, run diagnostics or self-monitor to ensure system protection. This allows the unit to not only meet the demands of today’s operators, but also those of tomorrow. The control platform features two-way telemetry to support remote monitoring, and allows multiple InviziQ systems to be linked to create an expanded infrastructure with centralized network management. This results in outstanding system performance, better network control and improved reliability, no matter how many units are connected together.

The impressive performance and enhanced reliability of the InviziQ system are down to Mono’s industry-leading progressing cavity pump technology which lies at its heart. Mono’s proven track record of designing and developing engineered solutions stretches back over 75 years and has resulted in the world-class range of pumps, grinders, screens and packaged pumping systems which the company offers today.

David West, Sales and Marketing Director at NOV Mono, adds “InviziQ is a product of Australian design, engineering and manufacturing at its finest. We have developed a system that can deliver the utmost performance and reliability no matter where our customers are building. We have engineered the system so our customers can simply set our tanks in the ground and forget about them. While the system illustrates our global ethos of ‘Smart Under Pressure’, Australians can also be proud that it’s a result of ‘Innovation Down Under.”

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