In this historical period where scarcity of raw materials and supply difficulties are an everyday issue, SAER has decisively responded with a made-in-Italy product range, with extremely competitive delivery times. Indeed, in the water treatment sector fast delivery is vital, but so is providing customised solutions to satisfy clients’ needs.

In order to meet the needs of clients in search for alternatives in the wastewater market, over the last few years SAER has been investing in the research and development of its newest ranges for wastewater: the SD range of submersible sewage pumps, and the NCA range of end suction wastewater pumps.

SAER – a specialist in the clear water sector for over 70 years – channelled its experience to conceive highly efficient products, without giving up on robustness and durability.

SD range

Let’s look in detail at the characteristics of the SD series, whose range goes from 2m³/h up to 2000m³/h with head from seven to 54m, and is characterised by its “armoured” build, granting an incredible impact and corrosion resistance.

• Coming from SAER’s unmatched knowledge in borehole pumps and submersible motors, the cable output is waterproof, tested against water penetration up to 20 bar
• Easy maintenance and high safety standard, with a single cable that includes power and signal conductors

New SD sewage pump range.

• Watertight and wide connection chamber
• Organised and simple terminal block studied for easy maintenance

Wear resistant
• Wear disc between impeller and pump body provided with cutting channel
• Two-component epoxy paint with corrosion resistance according to EN 12944-6 grade C3-M

• AISI 431 stainless steel shaft or with Duplex shaft end
• Optimum torque transmission, reduced material stresses and easier maintenance thanks to a shaft and impeller hub with polygon profile
• Long life bearings for a life of approx. 100,000 hours in continuous (MTBF)

Energy savings
• SAER premium efficiency motors are IE3 from 0,75kW up to 132kW, 2, 4 or 6 poles
• Hydraulics designed and engineered with CFD systems (Computational Fluid Dynamics) to combine efficiency, performance and free passage

• Exclusive double mechanical seal in oil chamber protection for troublefree operation. Process side seal in Silicon Carbide/Silicon Carbide (on request Tungsten Carbide or other materials)
• Protection probes for humidity, temperature and overheating

• Several types of impellers available: vortex, open, closed or propeller

NCA range

In order to address the needs of surface wastewater pumping, the NCA range is the ideal answer. The range is continuously evolving and in the short-medium term is going to cover the following range:

• Flow = 20-2200m³/h
• Head = 5-65m
• Absorbed power = 4-200kW
• Outlets from DN65 till DN300

As one of SAER signature traits, the hydraulics is typically robust with centreline discharge to equalise foundation loadings and rigid feet for reduced vibration.

The robust bearing design is capable of withstanding maximum axial loads for long periods and the high strength stainless steel shaft provides continuous service. The efficiency of the machines is high, combining energy savings with a wide free passage.

A special volute design reduces radial loads. Thanks to the back pull-out design configuration, maintenance is simple and there is replaceable wear plate on the suction side.

The pumps can be provided in different materials, the impeller can be either closed or open, and the seals can vary between soft packing, component mechanical seal, single or double cartridge seal with different flushing plans.

There are two types of bearings bracket for standard and heavy duty applications, with the choice of different lubrication systems. Upon request, it is possible to get the pump with windows for inspection.

NCA range ready to leave for a big project.


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