Pumpserv Pty Ltd and Ted Beesley have had a long association with Sakuragawa Pumps. Sakuragawa Pumps was established over 58 years ago in Osaka, Japan while Pumpserv Pty Ltd was established 27 years ago in Sydney by Ted Beesley, having already been involved with Sakuragawa for the previous 12 years.  This long association has led to Ted Beesley and Pumpserv Pty Ltd to be regarded as the Sakuragawa Pumps specialists in Australia.

Sakuragawa Pumps are a global company with offices and distributors throughout the world. Sakuragawa Pump’s world class Japanese engineering is respected worldwide, with proven reliability through years of on-site experience and continual product improvement utilising in-house research and development. Intelligent innovative product design and materials of construction selection has reduced the number of pump components leading to reliable and efficient pumps. The benefit of these continual improvements has led to the Sakuragawa pump range having lower cost of ownership and operational downtime.

Failing mechanical seals are a major cause of pump downtime and loss of production.  To minimise this problem Sakuragawa Pumps utilise twin hard faced mechanical seal design running in an oil bath for cooling and lubrication, however most importantly seal longevity. The motor is the driving force of the pump, Sakuragawa pump motors are designed to provide high motor efficiency and torque for reliable economical pumping. Sakuragawa Pumps are heavy-duty and designed for the arduous application demands in mining, construction, waste water, power generation, minerals quarries, and civil engineering industries.

Sakuragawa Pumps have been installed and used in Australia for over 40 years.  Sakuragawa Pumps are used for general dewatering, slurry transfer, pit dewatering and waste water transfer. Sakuragawa Pumps are constructed in varying materials with critical parts manufactured in either AISI 316 stainless steel, high chrome alloy and rubber-line wear plates.

Sakuragawa submersible pumps range from 0.25kW through to 185kW with flow rates up to 300 litres per second and pumping heads capable of 220 meters.

Sakuragawa Pumps has an extensive range of submersible pumps, also a range of agitators-mixers, aerators and fountains designed for sewage plants, water treatment and power generation.

Pumpserv Pty Ltd, Ted Beesley, started distributing Sakuragawa Pumps in Australia in 1986 and has remained a distributor ever since. Pumpserv uses its many years of hands on experience to develop and support the Sakuragawa band by carry product, parts and service Sakuragawa pumps in house.

Pumpserv Pty Ltd can offer the full range Sakuragawa heavy duty pumps which are dependable, powerful, and versatile.

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