As required by Australian law, every infrastructure is required to have an operational fire sprinkler system installed in it. A fire pump is an integral part of what makes this sprinkler system work, by acting as the water supply and providing pressure to distribute the water when needed. They may also be used by a fire fighter in the case of an emergency.

As you can imagine, it is integral that a fire pump system is reliable and is always at the ready to be used, despite how infrequently it is needed. This creates quite unique requirements that need to be considered when building such a system, including such features as advanced welding and bonding, manufacturing engines that focus on longevity, and the installation of high quality battery systems.

It also means that there is a lot of choice available to construction engineers when choosing the best fit for their specific project, taking into consideration factors like infrastructure size, likely frequency of use (depending on their industry) and the like. This varies between the fundamental choice between a diesel or electric engine, right through to the more specific factors like how many litres of water flow through the system per second.

Electric vs. diesel engine fire pumps

One of the main decisions to make when selecting the most appropriate fire pump system for any infrastructure is between an electric and a diesel engine. It’s important to note that both have their pros and cons, and neither is a clear “winner” in terms of what is better for as a whole. It all comes down to individual use and requirements.

From a basic level, diesel engine fire pumps are generally more cost effective to run and considered to be more reliable in way of being available during a power outage. However, electric fire pumps generally have a greater capacity for power and the speed in which they flow water.

Because of the case by case nature of purchasing and installing a fire pump system, it’s advisable to talk to a professional consultant about the needs of your project.

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Aline Pumps has been a leading manufacturer and supplier of fire pumps across Australia for more than 10 years. They have assisted projects of all scales and sizes across the nation and equipped infrastructures with systems that comply with industry standards and are tailored to their specific needs. Their customisable options are created and delivered within 2 weeks; a turnaround unrivalled by their competition. Visit to learn more about their services and how they can assist you with your fire pump needs.

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