Seqwater has awarded two new contracts for major water treatment plant upgrade works at the North Pine and Lowood Water Treatment Plants in South East Queensland to Aquatec Maxcon.

North Pine WTP (250ML/d) Fluoride Dosing Upgrade Contract:

These works are required to improve the security and reliability of fluoride dosing to Brisbane consumers; and include:

·         Major pipeline reinforced concrete flow meter and fluoride dosing pits;

·         Installation of five filtered water outlet flow meters;

·         Fluoride analyser;

·         Associated sample lines and TISAB waste storage tanks; and

·         PLC/SCADA system upgrades.

 Lowood WTP (20ML/d) Upgrade Works Contract:

These works are required to improve performance of the major treatment equipment; and include:

·         New dual-shaft drive assembly to suit 24m dia solids contact clarifier;

·         Removal and replacement of filter media in three x 32m2 open gravity filter cells;

·         New hydraulically actuated filter control valves, up to DN600mm size; and

·         Construction of chemical dosing pit for “Statiflo” static mixer and dosing points.

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