Akhila Jacob

Recruitment is underway for Seqwater’s 2023 Graduate Program, which will give six graduates the opportunity to contribute to the planning and delivery of water security across South East Queensland. 

Queensland Minister for Water, Glenn Butcher, said the water supplier will recruit graduates across numerous disciplines, including civil and electrical engineering, science and IT.  

“This is a fantastic opportunity for young professionals to begin a career in water and gain invaluable skills and knowledge to become industry leaders and meet the future challenges of water supply,” Mr Butcher said.

“Water is critical to everything we do here in South East Queensland, it is the cornerstone to a liveable region. 

“Initiatives like Seqwater’s Next Generation Program nurture the development of our future water industry leaders to make sure we continue to sustainably meet future economic, social and environmental growth for our region.”

The two-year program encompasses rotations across a variety of teams within the business, and supports young professionals through a network of leaders, mentors and learning advisors.

Akhila Jacob, who started the program in February 2022 as a chemical engineering graduate, said it has been one of the most challenging and exciting periods of her life.

“Under the guidance and supervision of a highly talented and experienced team, I am helping to deliver a range of projects from different engineering disciplines,” Ms Jacob said.

“What makes me the most proud and enthusiastic is knowing that I’m contributing to a safe and reliable drinking water supply for the community.”

Seqwater Chief Executive Officer, Neil Brennan, said many participants of the Next Generation Program had gone on to secure more permanent roles within Seqwater or forge successful careers elsewhere within the industry.

“To continue to lead in the planning, supply, management and delivery of water it is vital that we create opportunities to attract and develop the water leaders of tomorrow,” Mr Brennan said.

“Since the program began in 2012, we have employed over 140 graduates, trainees and apprentices.

“The Next Generation program is a perfect example of how we’re investing in young people today so that we have a steady supply of well-trained, experienced and passionate professionals to make sure Seqwater remains a world leader in water supply.”

Feature image: Akhila Jacob. Provided.

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