Cygnet SPS Lymington Rd

A sewage pump station (SPS) in Cygnet has been upgraded,  improving sewerage services in the area for years to come.

The project has increased emergency storage and pumping capacity at the Lymington Road SPS to reduce the likelihood of overflows during heavy rainfall events.  

Minor Works Treatment Plants Team Lead, Peter Janisch, said the investment will greatly reduce the number of environmental overflows from the pump station to sensitive receiving waters.  

“This pump station is one of the essential assets for the Cygnet community as it pumps all the  sewage from the town and surrounding area to the sewage treatment plant,” Mr Janisch said. 

“It is critical this infrastructure is reliable and well maintained, to service the community now and  into the future.”

Historically, the pumping and storage capacity of this SPS was inadequate, causing spills during  heavy rain events. This upgrade is part of a larger program of work in the Cygnet area that will further reduce the risk of spills into waterways.

“It will also minimise the risk of the pump station failing, which has previously led to overflows in an important area for shellfish and marine farming,” Mr Janisch said. 

“By increasing capacity, we’re ensuring we can efficiently and sustainably collect and transport  sewage before we safely return it to the environment.” 

 This project is part of a ten year $1.8 billion capital works program which is providing vital  upgrades and improvements to TasWater infrastructure.

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