TasWater plans to construct a new sewage pump station for George Town (TAS) to replace the existing station due to its high risk of discharging raw sewage.

The new pump station infrastructure will also reduce operating costs, improve the reliability of the service and allow for future growth in the catchment.

Works are scheduled to begin in 2016 and TasWater has made a number of changes to the original sewage pump station design to help minimise the impact on nearby residents.

As a result of community feedback, TasWater has minimised above-ground infrastructure by removing light poles and vent poles and utilised a 3G network connection instead of the standard radio network, meaning there will be no antenna.

The new station has also been relocated to a new site to minimise the impact on visual amenity looking towards Pipe Clay Bay.  

The size of the valve pit has also been minimised by moving the flow metre outside of the pit.

The site will not be fenced, however TasWater will construct bollards to reduce the risk of the new infrastructure being damaged.

Residents of the area will be notified before construction commences and will be provided with regular updates as the project progresses.

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