Work has begun in Tasmania remove the Taroona Sewage Treatment Plant. The works, carried out by Shaw Contracting and expected to be completed mid-year, are part of a $5.2m project to improve water quality in the Derwent Estuary.

TasWater is closing down and removing the Taroona plant due to its poor environmental performance and redirecting sewage from the area to a pump station in Sandy Bay. The current treatment plant removal phase is an investment by TasWater of $1.4m.

CEO Mike Brewster said that the closure of the 40-year-old plant, which is located at the end of a residential street in Taroona, would have major benefits for water quality in the Derwent, and for residents of Taroona.

“One of TasWater’s big challenges is the number of sewage treatment plants around the state which are not capable of meeting today’s environmental standards,” Mr Brewster said.

“This has an impact on water quality in rivers and waterways around the state, so it is a high priority for TasWater and our regulators that these plants are either upgraded or removed as soon as is practicable.

“The Taroona Plant has been identified as being one of these problem sites so we are very pleased to be starting work on taking it offline.”

Work was completed in December 2013 on a new sewer pipeline from Taroona to Sandy Bay which allows the Taroona plant to be bypassed and closed down.

“As a result of this project sewage from the Taroona area will be treated to a much higher standard at the Selfs Point Treatment Plant at New Town,” Mr Brewster said.

“In addition to the environmental benefits of closing this plant, the local community will also welcome the removal of the treatment plant, particularly as it is located next to a popular foreshore walking track.”

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