Coliban Water has announced a $1.6 million sewer main renewal and trade waste lagoon desludging project in Kyneton, Victoria, to be completed using two trenchless techniques.

Manager Assets and Operations Steve Dunlop said the works include renewing 1.1km of sewer main from the Jeffrey Street sewer pump station to the Kyneton Water Reclamation Plant.

“This section of main has had a number of bursts over the past year due to stormwater during heavy rainfall entering the system,” Mr Dunlop said.

“The sewer main renewal works will help reduce the chance of bursts and the environmental impacts they can cause.” Two trenchless techniques, pipe bursting and directional drilling will be used for the sewer main renewal works.

“These techniques reduce the need for excavation and prevent damage to trees and their roots and also to waterways,” Mr Dunlop said.

At the Kyneton Water Reclamation Plant the trade waste storage lagoon is being desludged and the remaining biosolids conditioned for reuse.

Mr Dunlop said the works were part of the routine maintenance at the plant to assist treatment processes, and are a part of Coliban Water’s efforts to increase resource reuse.

“Around 1,400 tonnes of biosolids will be treated to Environment Protection Authority (EPA) Victoria guidelines for reuse.

“The lagoon is dredged and the sludge dewatered to produce the biosolids, which can be recycled for agriculture and applied as a fertiliser to improve and maintain soil,” Mr Dunlop said.

Coliban Water manages 1,900km of sewer mains, 177 sewer pump stations, 16 water reclamation plants.

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