By using an EDUR multiphase pump, the compressor, air saturation vessel, the standard pump, and the control system can all be eliminated, along with the ongoing maintenance that goes with them.

The EDUR multiphase pump is capable of handling a mixture of liquid and air, so when set up correctly, the pump draws atmospheric air into the suction line and feeds it under pressure straight into the DAF tank.

After drawing air into the suction line, the EDUR pump mixes and sheers the air then imparts up to 6-7 BAR of pressure on the discharge line.

This pressure “forces” the air into the solution. When the air saturated liquid reaches the DAF tank (DAF system), the air comes out of solution to form 30-70 micron bubbles, which attach to floating matter and bring it to the surface.

The system is simple, but greatly reduces maintenance requirements.

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