North East Water has completed a reassessment of the proposed site locations for a new raw water offtake in Mt Beauty, following community concerns about the preferred site. 

Acting Managing Director, Anthony Hernan, said the multi-criteria assessment was developed over several months after it was determined previous site investigations were largely of a technical nature.

“The assessment included several additional locations identified by the community, on top of the five sites initially considered,” Mr Hernan said.

“The assessment confirmed that the original site on Embankment Drive is the most suitable.

“Its location was deemed the highest ranked based on social, environmental, technical and economic factors.”

Mr Hernan said the North East Water board has now endorsed the report and will go ahead with the original plan to secure Mt Beauty’s water supply with a new offtake at the Embankment Drive site.

“Despite a large part of the community supporting this preferred location, we know some residents may be disappointed by our decision to progress with this site,” Mr Hernan said.

“We have already met and discussed the report with a group of key community representatives that provided valuable insight and perspective for the assessors.

“We will also be holding a community drop-in session at the Mt Beauty Auditorium on Thursday 16 December 2021 from 5pm to 8pm to answer any questions about the report or project.

“North East Water is committed to working with the community on the external design of the pump station required for the offtake project, as well as nearby landscaping and signage.

“This feedback will be collected by further drop-in sessions planned for February 2022, as well as an online survey.”

The multi-criteria assessment is available to view here.

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