Sliding vane pumps are a popular pump design for applications requiring flow rates of 75-1,000LPM.

They are excellent for pumping (loading and unloading) of low viscosity fluids such as diesel, petrol, biodiesel, chemicals and industrial solvents.

As sliding vane pumps have no internal metal-to-metal contact and are able to self-compensate for wear, they maintain high performance through the lifespan of the pump for the non-lubricating liquids. Sliding vane pumps can run dry for a short period of time; they can also tolerate small amounts of vapour. All-in-all, the sliding vane design combines low cost with high reliability and easy maintenance.

The sliding vane principle is simple. A slotted rotor is supported in a cam. The rotor is placed close to the wall of the cam so a crescent shaped cavity is formed. The clearances are precise and minimal. Vanes, also known as blades, slide in and out of the rotor slots to seal off a volume between the rotor, cam and side plate. The blades sweep the fluid to the opposite side of the crescent where it is squeezed through the discharge point.

Hurll Nu-Way, as a supplier of vane pumps to the Australian industry for over 30 years, continues to broaden their product range to meet the demands of their customers for petroleum products and industrial solvents.

Sliding vane pumps for industrial applications offer the following features:

• Self-adjusting sliding vanes which maximise pumping performance

• Simple and cost effective maintenance: by simply removing the pump head, internals can easily be replaced without disturbing the piping

• Ability to handle small amounts of vapour

• Excellent suction lift which is great for clearing suction and discharge lines

• Internal relief valve or optional air operated valve (AOV) for high and low flow control

• Adjustable internal relief valve options.

Hurll Nu-Way offers sliding vane pumps, ideal for bulk pump loading and unloading, fuel oil delivery trucks, and transport applications of such liquids as petrochemicals, gasoline, fuel oils, diesel, aviation fuels, biofuels, ethanol, solvents and many more.

Hurll Nu-Way has capabilities to configure and assemble custom-made pump sets and additional components to suit your particular application.

Handling fuels or fluids? Contact Hurll Nu-Way for a broad range of pumping solutions.

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