Sydney Water is upgrading the  wastewater pumping station in Smeaton Grange and Narellan in Sydney’s south-west.  Construction is expected to be completed by December 2013.

This work will cost $14.7 million and forms part of Sydney Water’s commitment to provide integrated water and wastewater services for current growth in the area and for future growth in the Turner Road precinct.

The works include the upgrade of the wastewater pumping station at Camden Valley Way in Smeaton Grange. It is part of the West Camden wastewater system and currently serves the suburbs of Currans Hill and Mount Annan and the industrial area of Smeaton Grange.

Sydney Water is also enlarging the wastewater system to Narellan by constructing an additional pipeline along Camden Valley Way. The new pipeline will transfer wastewater from the Smeaton Grange Wastewater Pumping Station to the West Camden Water Recycling Plant.

The main stages of the project are;

  • Replacing the three existing pumps and adding a fourth pump at the Smeaton Grange Wastewater Pumping Station. This work has been completed.
  • Constructing a 1.5 million litre on-site emergency wastewater storage tank and other infrastructure at Smeaton Grange Wastewater Pumping Station. This work is progressing and is expected to be completed by the end of June 2013.
  • Constructing (duplicating) a 450 mm in diameter rising wastewater pressure main  from Smeaton Grange Wastewater Pumping Station to the Old Northern Road in Narellan. Work will begin on the new pipeline in 2013.

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