The new iTR split-core current sensors from Socomec transform accuracy of electrical current measurement across data centres, infrastructure and industry applications.

The iTR sensors integrate with Socomec’s DIRIS Digiware, DIRIS A-40, or DIRIS B power monitoring devices to measure currents between 25 and 600 A with the same guaranteed level of accuracy across all devices.

An extended operational range allows users to monitor currents across large areas. Status monitoring of upstream circuit breakers can be done without connecting directly to the breaker itself, reducing installation and maintenance downtime.

The sensors provide ease and assurance, with automatic detection of current rating and secure disconnection under load. The RJ12 connection and cable colour coding provides quick and easy-to-navigate connections, while the integrated smart intelligence corrects any installation errors.

For seamless installation and guaranteed accuracy, the iTR sensors include technologies such as VirtualMonitor status monitoring and AutoCorrect automatic configuration.

VirtualMonitor technology is an effortless and cost-effective solution for monitoring the status of protective devices. The technology allows users to monitor the status of protection devices throughout an entire installation without extensive wiring to auxiliaries. Users can also access device status remotely and in real time.

The iTR sensors also provide access to AutoCorrect automatic configuration. AutoCorrect technology eliminates wiring errors and ensures correct readings at all times, preventing time-consuming on-site adjustments.

Socomec’s iTR sensors guarantee precision across the entire measuring chain in accordance with the IEC 61557-12 standard: class 0.5 for active energy, allowing accurate measurements over a wide range of currents. A current sensor is accurate from two per cent of its lowest rating to 120 per cent of its highest rating.

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