A new product launched by NOV Mono offers an effective solution for pumping water on small-scale farms and rural lifestyle properties. The new SUN-BUDDY™ is a solar powered submersible pumping system that has been designed to combine outstanding performance, long life and minimal maintenance requirements.

Managing water movement on a small rural property can be a challenging task, with water that has to be drawn from rivers, bores, tanks and stock dams for small-scale crop irrigation, stock watering, garden watering and general household use. The Mono SUN-BUDDY™ uses advanced technology that was previously only available to large-scale agricultural operations, and offers a versatile variable flow capability which is suited to a wide range of different applications.

The result of Mono’s 30 years of solar-powered pump experience, the SUN-BUDDY™ is a genuine, easy to install ‘plug and play’ solution. Its minimal maintenance requirements can be handled onsite, making the SUN-BUDDY™ a set-and-forget solution which delivers high-quality and cost-effective performance.

Driven by solar energy, this small but efficient pump requires no diesel, grid power, wind or batteries to run. This environmentally-friendly method enables the operator to quickly recover the initial cost by eliminating all future fuel and electricity bills.

“The SUN-BUDDY™ offers many benefits for operators using it on hobby farms and other small-scale rural properties,” said Mono Agricultural Industry Manager Nick McNamara. “It uses a progressing cavity action with a helical rotor element, which allows it to deliver maximum output, even if the water contains silt or iron oxides. A variable speed control allows the flow to be regulated to suit different conditions such as low yield bores, while a low speed operation capability provides extended rotor and stator life.”

Designed to operate in harsh conditions, the SUN-BUDDY™ incorporates a robust, brushless, submersible DC motor. This delivers high torque, high efficiency performance and features thermal overload protection that ensures long life and reliable operation. A solar maximum power point tracker adjusts the voltage output of the 195 watt solar array to maximise power generation and increase or decrease voltage to suit the demands being placed on the pump.

Manufactured in Australia, the SUN-BUDDY™ is supported by Mono’s extensive national dealer network. For more details visit or call 1800 333 138.

SUN-BUDDY™ specifications

•Delivers discharge pressures up to 35 m

•Performance range: from 3 m3 per day at 35 m, to 14 m3 per day at 10 m

•Can accommodate 100 mm boreholes

•Easily automated using a float switch

•Compatible with water temperatures from 8°C to 34°C, and pH values between 6.0 and 8.5


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