The Northern Areas Council Wastewater Treatment Plant in Jamestown (NSW) is now being energised by an innovative new solar array technology, developed by Sydney-based sustainable infrastructure company Infratech Industries.


NSW Minister for Sustainability, Environment and Conservation, Ian Hunter, said the company has specialised in developing a solar system that can operate on water.

“The technology uses water to counteract the gradual loss of output caused by overheating solar panels, to create a better-performing and more efficient system,” Mr Hunter said.

“The Northern Areas Council Waste Water Treatment Plant is the first in Australia to put in place the new system, which is predicted to exceed the plant’s high energy needs.

“It’s estimated the new system will generate more power than fixed land-based systems.

“I congratulate Infratech and the Northern Areas Council for their commitment to energy efficiency and innovation.”

NSW Minister for Manufacturing and Innovation, Kyam Maher, said that Infratech has been able to implement the roll out of its technology at Jamestown thanks to technical assistance provided through the State Government’s NanoConnect program, delivered by researchers at Flinders University’s Centre for NanoScale Science and Technology.

“In addition, a significant percentage of the array was engineered and fabricated in South Australia,” Mr Maher said.

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