As a reseller and installer of Commodore solar pumping equipment, Midwest Valves & Controls was able to provide a Gulgong farmer a complete solution to deliver enough water to fill a tank, even during the summer months. 

Commodore Solar was founded in 2005 to offer domestic and industrial alternatives to mains powered pumps, and  carries a range of submersible and surface mounted solar pumps. 

The solar pump control unit drives the high efficiency brushless DC motor using maximum power point tracking technology.

Recently, Midwest Valves & Controls received the following enquiry from a farmer, “Please advise if you have a solar pumping system capable of delivering 25000 to 30,000L per day during summer at Gulgong to fill a tank. 

“Information for pump head calculation: pump to be lowered to 38m down borehole, tank is 36m above bore cap with the receiving tank 700m away through two inch rural poly pipe.”

The Commodore Workhorse Hybrid Solar Pump 6.6-154 was selected, which will deliver 6000L/hr at 78m total dynamic head or 5400/h/r at 91m. Working on six hours of productive sun in summer, it will deliver 36,000L per day at 78m or 32,400L per day at 91m, and around half of this amount in winter. 

The solar panels are BYD 275W A grade poly panels and are backed by a 25 year warranty.

To support the 275W panels, a Clenergy ground mount stand would be provided. The Clenergy PV-ezRack® SolarTerrace II-A™ is a pre-assembled ground mount system suitable for large-scale commercial and utility-scale installations.

PV-ezRack SolarTerrace II-A has been developed to fit any PV module. The innovative and patented SolarTerrace II-A T-Rails simplify and improve the accuracy of the installation. 

SolarTerrace II-A uses high-quality engineered components, saving developers and installers time and money when delivering ground mount projects. 

Commodore Australia supplies a pressure switch kit that is wired into its solar controller, along with a low level switch for the submersible pump. When filling the tank, the pressure switch will stop the pump motor when the water level gets too high.

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