Always looking for innovative solutions to offer a complete service in terms of water management, SAER presents the L series of in-line pumps and an expanded range of models available in the IR series. The new offerings are designed and engineered according to the SAER’s mission to meet all the market’s requirements while still insisting on maximum quality for raw materials, and are ideal for use in HVAC applications.

L series

L series.

With over 70 years’ experience in the water sector, SAER designed the L series pumps to be sturdy and compact in response to market need for an alternative that is reliable, efficient and with low consumption values.

Therefore, over 170 different high-performance models have been released, and as they are made in Italy, they have extremely competitive delivery times.

The customer is at the centre of the process, as the catalogue offers standard solutions as well as a full range of options and accessories. They can ask for the pump that responds to their exact needs.

The available range is vast: pumps from DN 32 to DN 150, with powers from 0.18 to 90 kW, and 2 and 4 poles. The close-coupled version for models with flange up to DN 65, and with rigid joints – from DN 80 and above – is ideal for operations up to 140°C as standard.

Furthermore, thanks to the use of ductile iron for the manufacture of parts subject to pressure, the SAER L series can be used for applications in the civil sector as well as the industrial sector where high temperatures are common. They can operate in pressures of PN 16 and PN 25 is on request for sizes up to DN 50.

IR series

IR series pumps are one of the most well-known and appreciated models offered by SAER. SAER is now releasing the new, updated catalogue which – considering the different metallurgies available – includes more than 800 models available in 2 and 4 poles, outlets from DN32 to DN200, and a power rating from 0.37kW to 90kW.

Both L and IR series pumps come with the option to include an inverter on the motor board up to 15kW to regulate the rotation speed of the motor, allowing pump operation to be adapted to the conditions of use.

What’s new with the IR series

  • A super duplex version has been added to the range in addition to cast iron, AISI 316 stainless steel, bronze and ductile iron one (for hot water applications)
  • Available in 2 and 4 poles for power up to 90kW
  • The range now includes version with IE4 efficiency motor

IR series.

Taking advantage of the optional inverter

Selecting the option to include an inverter has several advantages, such as less wear of the mechanical components and a reduced risk of waterhammer, therefore reducing total lifecycle cost, and minimising environmental impact and energy costs due to reduced power consumption.

SAER’s inverters come with simple and functional programming thanks to the self-learning process. Laboratory tests are conducted to offer a solution even for highly extreme working conditions.

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