AJ Lucas has completed construction on the Robertson Sewerage Scheme in NSW Southern Highlands.

The project included;

  • a hybrid sewage collection system involving a low infiltration gravity system for the main catchment at Robertson, with three outlying catchments being served by pressure sewerage;
  • an enclosed sewage treatment plant to located on the north western corner of the village;
  • an effluent management system incorporating a pipeline to transfer reclaimed water downstream of Wingecarribee Dam for storage and agricultural irrigation, with excess effluent being released to the Wingecarribee River during particularly wet periods.

NSW Public Works managed this construction project. AJ Lucas Group Pty Ltd was contracted to build the major components of the Robertson Sewerage Scheme in 2011. They worked with Wingecarribee Shire Council, NSW Public Works and the local community throughout the construction process, which was completed in June 2013.

AJ Lucas was responsible for building the following elements of project:

  • A 25km underground sewerage reticulation pipe network (gravity and pressure pipe) which leads to the pump station and treatment plant.
  • A new sewerage pump station off Burrawang Street – which collects wastewater from the village pipe network and then pumps it away for treatment.
  • An underground pipeline connecting the pump station to the STP
  • A new sewerage treatment plant (STP) on land north west of the village with access off May Street – a fully enclosed facility which treats wastewater to a high standard.
  • A 14.7km transfer pipe to carry the highly treated wastewater from the STP to a new storage dam at Glenquarry. The pipe was buried underground and follows alongside the railway line.
  • A new 47 ML dam in Glenquarry (downstream of the existing Wingecarribee Reservoir) to store the treated wastewater ready for use as irrigation water on local agricultural land. An access driveway to the dam was built off Sheepwash Road.
  • A 1.2km off-take pipe to carry excess wastewater (not used for irrigation) from the new dam to Wingecarribee River.


The first sod was formally turned on public land at the back of Shackleton Street in the north eastern area of the village on 11 July 2011.

When construction commenced the new sewerage scheme in Robertson was expected to be completed by June 2012.

Significant wet weather and other construction delays were experienced which resulted in the project being finalised in June 2013.

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