The International Standards Organisation has requested feedback, via Standards Australia pump committee ME-030, regarding some pump standards that are due for their five yearly review.

The Pump Industry Australia, as a member of Standards Australia’s pump committee ME-030 is thus seeking information from its members and other organisations regarding the following centrifugal pump standards:

  • ISO 2858:1975 End suction centrifugal pumps (rating 16 bar) – Designation, nominal duty point and dimensions
  • ISO 9905:1994 Technical specifications for centrifugal pumps – Class I:  This standard is for horizontal and vertical pumps for very high pressure, very high temperature or severe applications
  • ISO 9908:1993 Technical specifications for centrifugal pumps – Class III: This standard is for horizontal and vertical pump for light applications, e.g. domestic pumps and pumps to 100kW

All the above standards were reconfirmed by ISO in 2017 and all are now adopted by EN.

The questions to be answered by the pump industry, that is pump suppliers and other organisations specifying or using pumps, are:

  1. Should the standard be withdran, reviewed, amended, confirmed or abstained due to lack of national expert input?
  2. Is this International  Standard utilised in this country?
  3. Is this International Standard, or its national adoption, referenced in regulations in this country?
  4. If the committee decides to amend or revise, do you propose an expert and/or project leader for the development of that project?

Anyone wishing to enquire or respond should email attention Executive Officer – Standards before the 31 July 2022.

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