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Standards Australia has shown its support for international efforts to pressure Russia to withdraw from Ukraine, encouraging ISO and IEC to take stronger action.

Standards Australia considers the invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Federation to be unprovoked, unjust and illegal. Russia’s war on Ukraine is exacting a catastrophic humanitarian toll and many organisations have suspended activities in Russia to show support.

In a statement to stakeholders, Head of International, Karen Batt, said that Standards Australia strongly supports Ukraine’s sovereignty and global calls upon Russia to cease its attacks on Ukraine.

Ms Batt believes that ISO and IEC should take a stronger position condemning the violence and supporting global efforts to pressure Russia to cease its invasion of Ukraine.

Regarding the situation, ISO and IEC have shared in communications that:

  • The IEC has suspended technical committee activities where Russia is leading the work 
  • ISO has postponed any meetings of Technical Committees under the leadership of the Russian ISO member 
  • ISO and IEC have also highlighted that they are international organisations that provide an open and neutral platform for collaboration on technical matters which results in consensus-driven solutions

Standards Australia has made both organisations aware of its views on the conflict.

In any case, and until such time any other provisions are put in place by ISO and IEC, Standards Australia will support its stakeholders in continuing to contribute to international standards development that supports the multilateral rules-based international order. Equally, it respects the decisions of any contributors who choose not to participate in technical committee activities involving Russian institutions.

Standards Australia recommends that stakeholders contact their Mirror Committee Project Manager or SA’s international team ( if they would like to discuss in more detail.

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