A $1.5 million stormwater pump project is moving ahead in Hanwood, NSW, as part of a project to improve the town’s flood resilience, and will include a pump station and three pump units.

Griffith City Council has received $1 million in funding from the Natural Disaster Resilience Program (2020/21) for the stormwater pump (Stage 1) located at Hanwood, while contributing $500,000 themselves, making a total project cost of $1.5 million. 

The Hanwood Stormwater Pump (Stage 1) project includes a pumping station at Mallee Street side with associated pipe networks and the installation of a 1,500mm diameter pipe at around 3.5m depth under Kidman Way to convey water from the village to the pump. 

The project is also implementing a pumping station with three pump units, holding a discharging capacity of around 1,000L/s and a diesel pumping option to manage any electrical blackout or power failures. 

Griffith Mayor, Councillor John Dal Broi, said tender documentation is being finalised and Council is liaising with Transport for NSW to progress these works.

“The safety of citizens and the protection of property has been at the forefront of Council’s flood mitigation planning,” Mr Broi said. 

“Council is pleased that these solutions, having received recognition and funding, can come to fruition.”

In 2017/18 Council also received funding of $807,840 for the Floodgates at the East Mirrool Regulator, Yenda, which was completed in 2019. The area also received $400,000 in 2019/20 for the Culvert Upgrade (Stage 1) at Yoogali, which is expected to be completed by September 2021.

Members of the local SES believe these works will significantly reduce the number of calls in the event of inundation.

Council has also received funding from the Federal Government under the National Flood Mitigation Infrastructure Program (2021/22) including $1.04 million for Yoogali flood mitigation works, and $1.20 million for Hanwood flood mitigation works. 

The money will be spent finishing the remaining three flood mitigation projects – Yoogali Stage 2: Levee along McCormack Road; Yoogali Stage 3: Raising Burley Griffin Way as a levee; and Hanwood Stage 2: Levee along DC DA and DC HANDEPOT drains.

These projects are expected to be done by 2024 and will complete all flood mitigation works recommended in the floodplain risk management plan.

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