A stormwater harvesting and storage project has recently been opened by WA Premier, Colin Barnett. The project will provide a new supply of irrigation water to the expanded Hartfield Park reserve in Forrestfield (WA).

“This is an important project demonstrating the innovation we are adopting in Western Australia to develop local water sources to meet community needs in a drying climate,” said Mr Barnett.

The first stage of the project involves the harvesting and filtering of 46,000 kilolitres (kL) of stormwater from a Water Corporation drain before injecting the water into the superficial aquifer below Hartfield Park.

“The Shire of Kalamunda has secured all the required regulatory approvals and built the infrastructure necessary to proceed with a trial stormwater managed aquifer recharge project, and this first stage will be used to monitor the response of the aquifer and water quality,” said Mr Barnett.

“It is proposed the project will eventually add between 115,000-230,000 kL/yr to the local aquifer to support watering of new and upgraded playing fields, as well as other locations.

“The development of Hartfield Park was an election commitment and I am very pleased to see its progress.

“Local member, Nathan Morton, has done an excellent job in bringing this project to my attention and keeping me informed how it’s going.”

Water, Sport and Recreation Minister, Mia Davies, said the water project was one element of the expansion and upgrade of Hartfield Park through $6 million in funding from the State Government.

The redevelopment project includes new and upgraded playing fields, floodlighting, amenities, playground equipment, car parking and pathways.

“Having so many sports using Hartfield Park creates a strong and connected local community,” Ms Davies said.

“This is another great example of the collaboration between local government and State agencies to provide innovative water solutions that support community sport and recreation needs.”

Fact file

  • The Department of Water has provided the regulatory framework including licences to support the project through the Guideline for the approval of non-drinking water systems in Western Australia and Operational Policy 1.01 – Managed Aquifer Recharge in Western Australia
  • Hartfield Park is the Shire of Kalamunda’s largest active sporting reserve and caters for the sports of Australian Rules Football, bowls, cricket, golf, hockey, rugby union, football and tennis

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