Production testing and fraccing operations at Strike Energy’s Southern Cooper Basin Gas Project in Queensland have been successfully completed following the upgrade of several pump systems.

Strike Energy Managing Director David Wrench said, “The productivity improvements we have seen at Klebb 3 and the fact that we have now successfully completed seven fracs in the Patchawarra coals are important milestones – they’re further confirmation of our confidence in the long term productive capacity of the field and our ability to commercialise it.

“We are looking forward to having all four Klebb wells working together to accelerate progress towards commercial gas flows.”

Production testing at Strike’s Klebb operations were shut ahead of Klebb 4 fracture stimulation and flowback operations. Testing of Klebb 2 and 3 has also recommenced with Klebb 1 to restart in the near term.

The performance of the wells since recommencement of testing had been consistent with previous production ramp-ups and Strike was particularly pleased with the improved productivity of Klebb 3.

At Klebb 3, the current water production rate had recorded a 20‐25 per cent improvement in productivity.

The sustained increase in productivity at Klebb 3 was typical of the performance of many highly productive fields.

The higher water rates implied that the well was de‐pressuring a larger volume of coal, which would lead to higher gas rates than those previously achieved as the coal approached critical desorption pressure.

The upgraded pump systems were also operating well and had sufficient capacity to handle increased water rates.

Based on the success of the Klebb 3 workover and downhole jet pump equipment upgrade, Strike plans to implement the same modifications at Klebb 2.

The Klebb 4 fracture stimulation has also been pumped and the well is flowing back unassisted.

The electric submersible pump and control systems will be installed once the well has cleaned up with commissioning and extended testing on track to commence in early July 2016.

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