Desalination Plant

The Western Australian Government has committed up to $2 million for a detailed study into producing magnesium from wastewater.

This study follows a previous pre-feasibility study, funded by the Western Australian Government, into establishing a carbon neutral magnesium metal refinery in Collie.

Project proponent Magnium Australia seeks to establish the world’s most energy efficient and low emissions production of magnesium from Australian minerals and renewable energy.

The multi-stage project would commercialise a breakthrough technology developed by the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation for producing magnesium metal.

Magnesium ingots with purity greater than 99.8 per cent would be produced to create the lightweight metals and alloys needed for decarbonisation. 

This would support global supply chains in the aerospace and transport sectors, as well as in the production of other critical metals including titanium.

To support the industry with a feedstock of magnesium hydroxide, the Western Australian Government will fund a feasibility study into the provision of magnesium hydroxide as a byproduct of desalination.

Up to $2 million will be invested in the initial stages of the study, which will be conducted by Water Corporation in partnership with the South West Development Commission and the Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation.

Western Australian Government Minister for Water, Dave Kelly, said Water Corporation is already a world leader in desalination technology, providing up to 145GL of drinking water from desalination to the people of Perth and the state’s South West in response to the impacts of climate change.

“Water Corporation’s innovative work to enable the extraction of green magnesium from the byproduct of desalination is to be celebrated,” Mr Kelly said.

In addition, the Western Australian Government will undertake further investigations and planning to enhance industrial land readiness and support new and emerging industries, including transport access and power supply solutions in strategic industrial areas.

Western Australian Minister for Regional Development, Alannah MacTiernan, said Magnium’s proposal will help build Western Australia’s capability in critical minerals processing industries and deliver a real win for Collie – driving new blue-collar local jobs for the town.

“We will continue to work closely with project proponents to get this project off the ground, including addressing land and infrastructure needs,” Ms MacTiernan said.

“The Western Australian Government is absolutely committed to a strong future for Collie, and detailed work on projects like this is what will deliver for local workers.”

Earlier this week the Western Australian Government announced a $200 million Collie Industrial Transition Fund to secure major new industrial projects to Collie and support industrial land readiness.

For more information about the Collie Futures Fund, or to apply for funding, visit here.

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