Sulzer has unveiled its new organisational structure, effective from the 1st of January, 2014.

The company will have three organisational divisions, each focusing on different markets and aspects of the company’s activities.

The Pumps Equipment division will cover new pumps and related systems, such as spares, and will consist of three regional business units offering engineered pumps for the oil and gas market, the power market and the water market.

The water business unit is a new part of the Pumps Equipment division and will incorporate all products for the water and wastewater markets.

The Services division will combine the services for turbines, compressors, motors, and generators previously provided by Sulzer Turbo Services with the services for pumps, previously provided by Sulzer Pumps, into one service division. This aims to create one comprehensive  service provider for all rotating equipment.

Sulzer’s Chemtech department will remain as its own division.

“The new operational structure with a Services division and a Water business unit is a next important step in the implementation of our strategic decision to focus the company’s activities in three attractive key markets—oil and gas, power, and water. Integrating all services for rotating equipment into one division will help us to increase sales and improve profitability. The integrated Water business unit will strengthen our position for profitable growth in the large and attractive wa- ter market. Together with the Pumps Equipment division and Chemtech, Sulzer will be a leading supplier of both equipment and services for our three key markets,” Sulzer CEO Klaus Stahlmann said.

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