More than 30 Mildura district sub‐contractors and firms have been engaged to provide services to a project that is delivering the biggest water infrastructure upgrade in Sunraysia’s history.

Contractors have now been appointed for all aspects of the $120 million dollar Sunraysia Modernisation Project. Works being undertaken include construction of approximately 17 kilometres of pipeline, decommissioning of channels, upgrading of pump stations, installation of new water meters and automation of the remaining channel systems.

The SMP Project Manager Brian Smith said although the scale of the project required the major contracts to be awarded to major infrastructure firms, each had indicated a commitment to using local sub‐contractors for key components of the project delivery.

“We’re pleased that’s now proving to be the case.  There are more than 30 Mildura district companies already engaged as sub‐contractors or suppliers to the SMP,” Mr Smith said.

“That includes companies providing services such as environmental and planning consultancy, services like traffic management, site cleanup and waste management and sub‐contractors who have been engaged to do excavation, concreting, electrical and cabling work,” he said.

“In addition, there are also companies benefitting throughout the district from providing supplies like accommodation, meals and transport.” It’s expected the SMP will create the equivalent of 180 full‐time jobs over the life of the project.

“Work is already well underway on the metering project and that alone has provided work for excavators, plumbers, earthmoving and construction companies, welders and engineers,” Mr Smith said. “That demand is ramping up more this year as the other major aspects of the SMP are beginning to roll out on the pipelining and channel decommissioning projects.”

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