A pump failure at a wastewater treatment plant at the AMPOL fuel terminal has led to uncontrolled discharges of oily water in Kurnell, which is being investigated by The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

The pump failure occurred on 7 April 2022. The EPA believes that heavy rainfall, coupled with the failure of a pump at the fuel terminal caused the discharges. 

The discharges have been stopped and clean-up activities started on 7 April. Properties and the local marine environment have been affected.

EPA officers are onsite ensuring the cleanup of wastewater by AMPOL is managed properly and completed as quickly as possible. EPA is working closely with other response and recovery agencies, including:

  • The NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service
  • The Port Authority of NSW, Transport for NSW Maritime
  •  Fire and Rescue NSW
  • Emergency Services and Department of Primary Industries Fisheries

Water samples are being collected in the area by AMPOL and independently by EPA to gauge the contamination level.

EPA is investigating the incident and will consider regulatory action if breaches of the environment protection legislation are found.

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