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Exploratory bore drilling is underway in Tamworth in a bid to extend the city’s long-term water supply amid a drought emergency in the area.

The drilling commenced in mid August 2019 in the latest phase of drought emergency works being undertaken by WaterNSW and Tamworth Regional Council to extend the city’s surface water supply from Chaffey Dam.

The drilling works are part of investigations into the construction of a permanent pipeline between Chaffey and Tamworth as a long-term drought mitigation measure.

Investigations – including field surveys, environmental assessments and geotechnical studies – will continue along the preferred pipeline route in readiness for community consultation and talks with landholders who could potentially be involved.

The majority of the investigations are being conducted along the road verge and are expected to be complete by the end of August.

Construction of the permanent pipeline from Chaffey is anticipated to start in November 2019 and is expected to be completed by early March 2020.

WaterNSW executive manager asset, Ronan Magaharan, said the work is being afforded every priority and the community will be kept abreast of progress.

“The drought projects being undertaken at Tamworth – both short term and long term – are being fast-tracked in response to the crippling drought conditions being experienced and the impact that is having on inflows into Chaffey Dam,” Mr Magaharan said.

“As we continue with preparations to undertake the short-term emergency works at Dungowan and elsewhere we are simultaneously planning for construction of the permanent pipeline between Chaffey and Tamworth.”

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