The Tasmanian Government is investing in better wastewater infrastructure for one of its top tourist destinations.

The government said that Freycinet National Park was one of Tasmania’s most popular tourist destinations and is much loved by locals, but the local wastewater infrastructure is inadequate.

The government will provide $365,000 to enable TasWater to undertake a feasibility study and provide options to address the wastewater infrastructure needs of the region.

The government said it needs to start work on the wastewater infrastructure improvements as a top priority, so the feasibility studies and options assessments will start in early 2019.

The government has been working closely with Glamorgan Spring Bay Council, East Coast Tourism, the local community and key stakeholders to develop a Freycinet Peninsula Master Plan, and improving wastewater services has been identified as a top priority in the consultation.

It is expected the updated Master Plan will be released in early 2019.

This $365,000 in funding is in addition to the $8 million that has been committed to support ongoing maintenance work to preserve Tasmania’s parks and reserves for future generations.

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