Construction is progressing on the Kindred North Motton Irrigation Scheme in Tasmania’s North.

Earthworks at the Forth River pump station are now well underway with the excavations completed and the concrete rings of the wet well set in place. This was a major task with a small blast required to break the rock bed. A large excavation of the river bank was required to access the full 12m depth required for the wet well. This will be rehabilitated in coming weeks to the pre-excavation profile.

Through the alignment there is a requirement for a number of air and scour valves. These were a long lead time item for manufacture, however they have now arrived. This will mean that pipe being installed going forward will have the fittings installed as it progresses. There is a need to go back to some properties where pipe has been installed to complete their installation.

Works remain on schedule to be completed by mid August.

For the next month work will continue on the Forth lines before switching to Abottsham and Gawler in early to mid May. Valve installation and pump station construction continues.

The pipeline is also progressing and the High Density Poly Ethylene pipes (HDPE) have now been installed for the rising main from Geales Hill to the new dam at Hays Road through to the branch with the Forth and Abbotsham lines. The smaller diameter HDPE has been installed on the North Motton line and over half of the Forth line Installation of the pipes is about three weeks behind plan though should be completed around the end of May 2013. A total of 20 km of pipe out of 43km has been installed and with the diameter decreasing the pace is expected to quicken in coming weeks. Each crew is installing between 200m and 300m per day depending on the infrastructure to be negotiated.

Work on installing the 1.9km of DICL (Ductile Iron Concrete Lined) pipe has commenced from Wilmot Road heading up Geales Hill. There is 730m of pipe in this section, with the remainder being used to cross the Gawler River at Isandulla Road.

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